Costs yes but foreseeable! Quality but not by chance!

How is open spaces management - unfortunately too often – put into practice?

Service providers typically map areas, suggest care intervals or supplementary plantings. The areas are then maintained at "suitable" rates and intensity, also suggested by the provider.

The problem: Does what is done match what is wished? Can the open space support the marketing of your property by value added in the course of its life cycle? Do the costs develop plannably, are they increasing?

Blattwerk is detecting conflicts of interest between the legitimate economic interests of the service providers and yours! Several years of practical, scientific experience have shown the conditionality of the components planning, construction, maintenance.

Blattwerk does the following: We advise you independently, founded on trust. Experts from sectors and universities concerned support us. Together with you, objectives are defined which your open space will have to meet. The required services are based on these. Sometimes there is only some organization required to obtain continuous improvements. We do not invent open spaces management, we only use knowledge competently.

Why does all of this concern you? If you do not want increased maintenance quality at lower cost, or at least an improvement at stable prices – it doesn't! Otherwise, just contact us.