One for the whole.

The landscape architect frequently works exclusively in its original field of duty. For the client, this means having to deal with several contact persons as a result. Road and bridge planner, the structural engineer, the utilities planner and others more.

Something is wrong with this. The classic planning approach leads to increased coordination efforts for the customer. Many coordination talks have to be made on a sector level. The customer may even have to mediate between the architects and specialist planners involved. The planning objective and the joy of creating are in danger of getting lost.

Therefore, Blattwerk offers an alternative. In addition to the services of the landscape architect, all responsibilities of the specialist engineers in the field of open space planning are offered and coordinated. Through this, the planning discourse takes place within the group of planners. Engineers, the behind-the-scenes legislators of our time, face a strong opposition. The responsibility for executing the customer's idea rests with Blattwerk.

The advantages for you? Planning, costs and deadline certainty will increase. The additional commissioning of the project control can be dropped. There is only one contact person. Feasibility studies can precede the site planning. They are the basis for decisions on funding and economy.

And the best thing, the joy of creating is saved!